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What’s your Business Motivation?

There are many thoughts that go through the heads of would-be business owners, but what’s your why? To find the inspiration to make your business thrive, you have to identify the real why behind what you do. Passion, finance, or philanthropic business motivation.

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Mind Over Money, or Money Over Mind?

Our brain is filing away memories (what we hear and see) from our lives to provide security and safety as we continue along our life journey. Sometimes, we need to become aware of what the brain has filed, and renegotiate that memory so that we can have a more positive impact on our future.

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The Importance of a Shareholders Agreement

According to Leigh Avuri, Principal of Avuri Lawyers, a shareholders agreement is one of the most important documents any company can have and in other words, we recommend all shareholders ensure that their company has a shareholders agreement.

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Be a Bra!

A good support system looks and feels different for each of us. What I need in a support system would be different to your preference. Each season we are in, we need support, and we need to be grateful for the support we do have. The best bras are not always easy to see, but are so noticeable in the worst of times.

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Strategy, Not Comparison

Each of us is different, and we need to embrace our differences. We don’t need to be comparing everything with everyone everywhere, but we do need to have a vision and purpose for what we do. When we work out the vision and purpose, how are you going to get there – that’s where the strategies come into play.

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