What’s Your Why?  

Business motivation is personal and different for each business owner.  But, when you first hung out your “I’m starting my own business” shingle, you were likely thinking:

  • “I can’t wait to get away from this job and be my own boss.”
  • “I just want to be home with my kids.”
  • “This dead-end job is going nowhere.”
  • “I’m tired of working crazy hours and holidays.”
  • “I know I’m worth more than they’re paying me.”

These and many, many other thoughts go through the heads of every would-be business owner, and are often the driving force behind that final, “I resign.”

But while they are great for lighting a fire and inspiring you to make a scary jump to business ownership, they’re not so fabulous at business motivation to grow and improve. They won’t inspire you to increase your skills, to raise your rates, to be brave, and to be authentic in your marketing. They won’t help you find the courage to hire a coach or to launch a brand new program.

To find the inspiration to make your business thrive, you have to identify the real why behind what you do.

Business Motivation – Passionate

“Passion based” is a phrase that’s found a massive following in the past few years, and seems to be the holy grail of entrepreneurial adventures. And for business owners with a true passion for their field, it can be a strong motivator.  Some business owners are passionate about a subject, spending all their waking hours learning about the topic. Some are passionate about a market, and would do anything to help their ideal client achieve his or her goals.  Whichever type of passion-based business owner you are, learning to harness that passion will help take your business to the next level.

Business Motivation – Financial

Maybe you want to retire at 40 to travel the world, or send your kids to an elite private school. Maybe you love fast cars and dream of owning one of the best.  Whatever your big dream, you knew you’d never make it while putting in time at the day job. While everyone seems to go on and on about those passion-based dreams, the truth is there’s nothing wrong with wanting financial fulfillment. Money is a necessary tool. We need it, and the more we have, the easier life is. And wanting more of it is nothing to be ashamed of, as long as you maintain your integrity and authenticity in pursuit of it.

Business Motivation – Philanthropic

Plenty of business owners go into business so they can have more to give. You’ve no doubt heard of—or maybe even know—marketers who use their earnings to fund mission trips, build schools in third world countries, and support a variety of charities at home and abroad. Others use the time freedom they’ve built into their business to volunteer with local hospitals, animal shelters and children’s organisations.  If you have a heart for a cause, a philanthropic why might be the driving force that takes your business to the next level.

To find your own why and your business motivation, consider your biggest dreams. If money were no object, what would you be doing?


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