Don’t panic – I haven’t gone out of my mind, and no, my mind isn’t in the gutter either. And yes, the title of this blog is a little interesting, but it’s not about bra sizes or colours, or even about what to look for or where to buy bras. It’s just about taking some time to realise how grateful we should be about the amount of support that surrounds us, our businesses and our families. And nothing supports like a bra!

We all know that bras come in different colours – black, white, bright pink, sexy red, leopard print, or just plain beige. We also know that the sizes are different, and also fit differently according to the person’s height, weight, body shape and size. There’s no “one size fits all”, and each of us have our own preference, which could differ according to what clothes we will be wearing over the bra as well.

Yet the bra is there for support, and with the correct fitting, it’s a fantastic support. If it’s not fitted well or according to even our own requirements, then the fit is not flattering nor supportive – it’s more of a burden.

So, as I sit here considering all the support (not the bras!) that I am surrounded by, I can see that I have different “bras” for different emotions and occasions. There are people who support me personally no matter what I am doing, which is my husband, children and family. They are the best fitting support I have – understanding my busyness, my tiredness, my enthusiasm, my emotions, and yet they continue to support me. They are the best!

Then I have specific support people surrounding me for business purposes only. And even when you think it’s a little bit weird applying bras to work supports, you have to understand that when you don’t have the right fitting bra, it can dig into you, cause shoulder and neck pain, even cause back pain. You do not want to be “supported” by those who are more a pain than a support.  (appearance)

And whilst it’s fantastic to have great support, we also must be a great support that fits well with others.

1.   Cup Size Matters

Bras are known by their sizes – dress size and cup size. There’s no denying it – size does matter. Without knowing what size fits you, it’s pointless purchasing a bra for support. And the same goes with being a support for others.

We need to understand what type of support they need – is it just friendship, or do they need more emotional support? Do they need “mum-to-mum” support, or do they need an encourager? Is it business support only they need from you? Each moment you are with others, you can be the right support that they need.

2.   Don’t Be a Pain

For those of us who wear bras often, we have also thrown out the annoying bras. They lose their underwire; they’re uncomfortable; they dig into you. They were a pain, and no longer supportive – so out they went!

We must remember that in being a support to others, you don’t want to be a pain. You need to be the right fit of support needed in specific times of need.

3.   Check Your Straps

There’s nothing more funny, annoying and frustrating when a strap breaks whilst wearing a bra. You knew you shouldn’t have put it on because the straps were fraying, their elasticity was questionable, but it was an ol’ favourite.

We need to remember that we can become the favourite support, which also means that we can wear out. It’s important to ensure that you are still able to be the support in the fullness that it’s required.

4.   Not Always On

Being a support means that there will be times when you won’t be needed, when you aren’t “on”. These are the times you can relax and refresh, realising that there are times when you are needed and times when you are not. And this is great! If you are always supporting 24/7, then that’s when the straps fray, when the fit is no longer a good match, and you start falling apart.

A good support system looks and feels different for each of us. What I need in a support system would be different to your preference. Each season we are in, we need support, and we need to be grateful for the support we do have. The best bras are not always easy to see, but are so noticeable in the worst of times.

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