It’s with much excitement that we have introduced Money Coaching as one of our solutions for business owners at Four Core Solutions – but it’s probably not what you think it is. 

Money Coaching for us is not about budgets or financial planning, but rather we start at the reason as to “why” you view and handle money the way you do.  It’s about helping people to understand and become aware of their patterns, behaviours and beliefs around money. 

If you had to stop and think about how to describe your own money habits, what would that word be?  Frugal; driven; loosely held; generous; secretive; powerless; wise; impetuous; or maybe another word.  The reality is that we can have many words that work together or against each other to explain our money mindsets. But these words describe today.  Now think about your first memory of money or finances from when you were a child.  Was there a time when someone gave you an extravagant gift?  Or maybe, you found some money and bought a treat.  Perhaps it was memory of not enough, or too much negativity.  Only you know the truth.

It’s this memory, and many others surrounding money or finances that have helped shape your money mindset today.  Our brain is filing away memories (what we hear and see) from our lives to provide security and safety as we continue along our life journey.  Sometimes, we need to become aware of what the brain has filed, and renegotiate that memory so that we can have a more positive impact on our future.

It all comes down to choice.  Once we choose to become aware, it’s amazing what we can see and learn.  Then, we choose to do something about it or not.

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